Recipe: Beijing sister's noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Beijing sister's noodles


This is the recipe given by a beautiful and lively Beijing girl in the undergraduate class, and her mother gave it to her. Her mother is an old Beijinger from generation to generation. The first time she was a party in the spring class of the sophomore class. We made a lot of home cooking in a girl's house. I made a spicy fried rice cake. She made this fried noodle dish. The noodle sauce was served at the end of the table. It was split by 11 sisters~~ It was so delicious, now We graduated, but we still remember the fried noodles on that day. This is really the best fried noodle dish I have ever eaten in the past 20 years~~ In the last summer vacation, I specially asked the sisters about the recipe and made it myself. It's super delicious, now share it to everyone ^_^ I think the sauce is very important, the sauce of these two brands is very authentic, dry yellow sauce: sweet noodles = 2:1 ratio, plus five-flowered diced meat, stir-fry super delicious !



  1. Put some oil in the pot. After the oil is hot, fry the diced diced meat with medium heat. After the oil is discharged, add a little cooking wine to the mash, add some soy sauce, and then serve the diced meat.

  2. Mix the yellow sauce and the noodle sauce in a bowl, pour it into the clam meat in the pan, stir fry the sauce over medium heat, so that the sauce is fragrant.

  3. Sauce the scent, then pour in the diced meat, ginger, turn to a small fire, slowly simmer, the sauce and the diced meat are mixed, then it is delicious, no need to add salt and sugar, the sauce has its own salty sweet taste, about 10 minutes

  4. At this time, you can prepare the dish, cucumber, radish, etc. After rubbing it into the silk, soak it in the cold water, then drain the water, so that the shredded silk is crisp. The boiling water of bean sprouts, bean silk, soybeans, and green beans is broken, and cold water can be used.

  5. Sauce the sauce until you get the dried juice, you can add the scallions to the fire from the fire, add the diced green onion, and use the remaining temperature to ripen the onion. The sauce is ready.


It is best to have the sauce of these two brands. I have also done other brands. The taste is general. I always feel that there are no such two fragrances. ^_^ I put too much meat, and the vegetables are less. Because I like to eat meat. Haha ~ ~ everyone discretion to put Ha! Everyone is a culinary expert and will definitely be better than mine!

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