Recipe: Beijing sauce pork improved version

Home Cooking Recipe: Beijing sauce pork improved version


Because I couldn't stand the taste of raw onions, the rolls were replaced with carrots and cucumbers. There was no cucumber at home, and it was replaced with chopped leeks and oyster sauce. In fact, people who eat spicy can cut a little green pepper inside the coil. Bean skin is best to buy a thin one, and the taste is good and good.



  1. Dry soy rind boiled the bean flavor. Carrots are shredded, cucumbers are shredded. The tenderloin is shredded and added with appropriate amount of starch, cooking wine and sugar.

  2. The whole bean skin is spread out, and the carrot silk and cucumber silk are placed in turn like a kiwi meal. Roll 3 circles or circles. Cut the bean husk and continue to roll it down.

  3. Cut the rolled bean scalpel into a section of about one centimeter and place it on the plate. After setting the outer ring, pile the scraps in the corners to the middle.

  4. Add oil to the pot, add hot oil to the tenderloin, stir fry and add the sweet sauce and ketchup. Add the right amount of rock salt (because there is sauce, you can choose not to add), sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce group, chicken essence. Stir fry for half a minute and add a small amount of boiling water. Water starch thickens. Finally, pour some sesame oil. Out of the pot, to the center of the plate. A simple, beautiful and delicious taste of Beijing sauce pork is OK.

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