Recipe: Beetroot Hummus

Home Cooking Recipe: Beetroot Hummus


Ever since I bought a large basket of beetroots (here, exaggerated, three or four, but enough for you to eat for a month!), I fell into a red trap and tried to eat it with all my heart. Seeing "rootbeet hummus" certainly feels like trying. But at first I thought that "hummus" contained chickpeas. I didn't expect to see the beetroot's spectrum when I finished it. But in fact, adding chickpeas is also very good! Therefore, the following recipes are still in accordance with their own ideas. This product is worth eating a large bowl, of course, what is good for Zoe bag. The vegetables are delicious with arugula.



  1. Chickpeas soak a bowl in advance. (The amount of chickpeas can be increased or decreased as appropriate)

  2. Peel the beetroot, cut into small pieces, and cook with chickpeas. (After the fire is boiled, it is almost ten minutes of cooking on medium heat). The walnuts are cooked.

  3. Put beetroot, chickpeas, chopped garlic, roasted walnuts, lemon juice, sesame sauce, olive oil, sea salt and pepper in a cooking machine. Since the ingredients will be dry, 2 tablespoons of water can be placed, and the amount of water can be adjusted according to the degree of dilution.

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