Recipe: Beer ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Beer ribs


On Weibo, Yu Xiao 2 Master is dropping a square, which is easy to make and delicious. There is no similar formula on the kitchen. I copied it. It’s not my copyright.~~



  1. The ribs are immersed in a quarter of beer for half an hour.

  2. After draining, add salt and egg yolk and mix well. Add appropriate amount of starch and marinate for ten minutes.

  3. Put a little oil in the pot and add garlic cloves

  4. Garlic cloves into golden yellow, then into the marinated ribs, stir fry

  5. Add the remaining beer, June fresh soy sauce and bean paste

  6. The fire is boiled, the fire is simmered for 15 minutes, and the fire is collected.

  7. Squeeze a fresh little lemon

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