Recipe: Beer 小 refers to crayfish - July

Home Cooking Recipe: Beer 小 refers to crayfish - July


It’s time to eat crayfish again. Going to the World Cup again. How can I not eat crayfish, aliens come! Let me destroy you!



  1. After the crayfish is rinsed, the salt water is swallowed up. Then wash it with a toothbrush. Pull out the intestines (the one in the middle of the tail is pulled out). If you want to be convenient, remove your head and remove the crotch.

  2. Ginger onion, bean paste, dried chili, aniseed, prickly onion, shredded or sautéed. Then add crayfish and stir fry.

  3. Add wine, add oil-consuming sugar after frying. Then pour the beer. Cover the smolder for a few minutes. Crayfish colors are very bright. The scent is coming.

  4. When the juice is about to be harvested, add onions and peppers, stir fry, add onions.

  5. Turn off the fire, sprinkle sesame seeds, and start watching the World Cup! !

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