Recipe: Beer 焖 lamb - simple lazy favorite

Home Cooking Recipe: Beer 焖 lamb - simple lazy favorite


The material is reduced, the taste is not reduced, the super-fragrance, the potato or the white radish is also stewed very soft and soft, and the soup has infiltrated into it.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Mutton into boiling water

    Mutton into boiling water

  2. The garlic is peeled off and peeled off. The hot oil in the pot is put into the garlic cloves, and the sugar is added to melt.

  3. Pour the drained mutton and fry the sugar, add the cooking wine, soy sauce, and soy sauce. Continue to stir fry.

  4. Pour a bottle of beer (I use Qingdao), after the fire is boiled, move all the pot into the electric cooker, add one volume of boiling water, and choose the stew function for 2.5 hours.

  5. When you cook for an hour, add diced white radish or potatoes.


The first few steps are simple and fast, I haven’t had time to take pictures, everyone forgive me. In general, it is very convenient to stir fry in a wok and put it into an electric cooker.

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