Recipe: Beer fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Beer fish


This kind of fish, which is replaced by cooking wine instead of cooking wine, has a savory taste, aroma, delicious taste, spicy and not simmering, firm and tender meat, and good taste. It is one of Xiaoyao's favorite fish practices!



  1. The fresh live fish is cleaned and the clams are washed (I chose half a grass carp, of course, you can also choose the fish you like)

  2. Dry the water for use; ginger shredded, garlic cut, green and red pepper cut

  3. After the pot is hot, pour a proper amount of oil and turn the pot to make the oil stick to a certain area of ​​the pot.

  4. Put the fish pieces that have been dried to dryness and simmer until low on both sides.

  5. Add ginger, garlic and pepper rings, and pour beer and water in a ratio of 1:1. (The proportion of beer that prefers more wine can be increased)

  6. After the water is boiled, transfer the appropriate amount of soy sauce, soy sauce, salt, and cook over low heat for about ten minutes. During the period, use the spatula to pick up the soup and pour it on the fish to make it taste even until the fish is cooked. Thoroughly, the soup is thickened

  7. That is, a little chicken can be adjusted, and the green onion is thrown out.

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