Recipe: Beer duck (good to eat)

Home Cooking Recipe: Beer duck (good to eat)


In the past, at home, in the summer, ducks are indispensable to eat, and the kind of duck fried chicken that they have in their homes is delicious. But if the duck does not do well, it will have a unique astringency, so adding beer to cooking is a particularly good way. Because I lived in the suburbs and saw that there were selling live ducks, I couldn’t help but want to try it. I also made a special call to let Ma Ma guide me.



  1. Clean up the ducks, smash them into small pieces of spare fresh red peppers and cut them in sections. Cut the red peppers into two pieces, cut the garlic and cut them into two halves.

  2. Heat the oil in a hot pot, heat the oil until it smokes, pour the duck into the stir-fry, and simmer until the oil of the duck skin comes out.

  3. Heat the beer to boiling, add the simmered duck, turn to medium heat, stew for 1 and a half hours to 2 hours (can be transferred to casserole)

  4. Heat up the pot, pour a small amount of oil, add garlic, add ginger, stir-fry, add dried chili, fresh pepper, and finally add edamame

  5. Finally add the stewed duck meat, stir fry, simmer the juice, add the right amount of salt, a little sugar to taste, you can cook


You can burn a lot of meat dishes with beer, and you can try it. You can't buy fresh live ducks, you can replace them with duck-leg meat, and you don't have to cook for a long time when you make duck-leg meat.

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