Recipe: Beer duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Beer duck



  1. The ducks are washed, drained, and smashed into chunks.

  2. Sliced ​​onion, ginger slice

  3. Heat the pot, put it into the duck sizzling, stir fry until the water is dry, and the duck oil is pulled out.

  4. Push the duck to the side of the pot and hold most of the duck oil. Leave a little bit of oil in the pot.

  5. Poppy onion ginger, dried red pepper and pepper anise

  6. Cooked in soy sauce and aged

  7. Pour the beer, just haven't had the duck meat, add a small amount of sugar, boil over the fire, turn to medium heat and simmer

  8. The soup is mostly harvested, seasoned with salt and seasoned. Continue to stew slowly.

  9. Add MSG before the pot (may also be omitted), and collect the juice from the fire.

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