Recipe: Beer duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Beer duck


Since the last time he made a beer duck, Xiao Yao loves to eat. He began to look forward to what time to do it again. Today he let him solve it.



  1. Frozen duck thawing

  2. Knead the duck into pieces and remove the water

  3. Put the oil in the wok, stir-fry pepper, onion, ginger and garlic, put the duck pieces and stir-fry, and make the duck oil out. If the oil is too greasy, you can pour the oil out.

  4. Pour the beer into the duck noodles, put salt, soy sauce, soy sauce seasoning, boil over high heat, stew on low heat, beer to taste juice.

  5. Put the green peppers that have been cut into small pieces before the juice is collected, and stir-fry the dried juice to the pan.

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