Recipe: Beer chicken wing root

Home Cooking Recipe: Beer chicken wing root



  1. Chicken wing roots, chicken wings can be used, I have used them, wash them, and then control the moisture

  2. A can of beer, can not use so much, about 16 wings and 150-200 ml of beer can be used. Also need some minced garlic, rock sugar and honey

  3. Put the wing roots into the pot and fry them, or stir fry them. After a bit of oil, this step can be omitted.

  4. If you want to be more savory, you can marinate the chicken wings in advance, add soy sauce, salt, rock sugar, honey and half of the beer.

  5. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add the minced garlic and stir-fry, then add the chicken wings.

  6. Then add soy sauce, rock sugar, salt, stir well, pour in the beer, then add honey. Add the chicken wings and stir fry in advance, then pour all the seasonings of marinated chicken wings, then pour in the other half of the beer.

  7. Medium and small fire stew, the last big fire to collect the juice can be, and soon to do well, let cool to eat better, suitable for summer. Do not like sweet can be changed into savory taste

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