Recipe: Beer chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Beer chicken



  1. Light chicken pieces, cleaned, drained

  2. Put the oil in the hot pot, slightly saute the octagonal, put the ginger slightly fried, put the chicken into the stir fry a few times, slightly fry, preferably with a little bit of brown on the skin, put the soy sauce, a little soy sauce, and listen The beer is poured in, the fire is on, the cover is covered.

  3. After boiling, change to medium and small fire and continue to cook. After the beer is half-cooked, taste the salt and pour the potatoes in. Cover the lid and continue to cook until the soup is left to burn.


1, the octagonal to taste the fragrance, do not need much, if not not let it not matter 2, the beer itself has a sweet taste, not enough sugar is enough, if you like sweet, put the beer after the taste is not sweet enough, you can put the right amount of sugar 3, the potato is easy to cook, if it is too early, the potato will be mashed, so it is best to put the beer in half.

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