Recipe: Beer braised duck / old goose

Home Cooking Recipe: Beer braised duck / old goose



  1. Ducks/goose washed and drenched into blood

  2. From the oil pan, add ginger to stir fry, pour the duck / old goose saute, stir fry for a few minutes, let the duck completely fry, then pour the vinegar a little, then continue to stir fry, pour into the old wine and continue to fry. This step of vinegar is very important. You can go to the vinegar.

  3. Put in the beer, submerge the ingredients, add the old soy sauce, the amount of rock sugar is about three teaspoons, the octagonal cinnamon and garlic fire boil and turn to a small fire for one and a half to two hours.

  4. Finally, you can pick up the juice.

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