Recipe: Beef yoghurt

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef yoghurt



  1. Prepare the ingredients: tender kidney beans (choose the two ends of the kidney beans, wash, dry the water), red pepper (washed, dried water), a small amount of pepper, salt (also available in coarse salt), a little white wine

  2. Take a clean fry spoon, pour enough water, add salt and peppercorns, cook until the salt is dissolved

  3. After the salt water is completely cooled, add cowpeas and red peppers, add a little high-alcohol, cover the lid, and store in a cool place for about 7 days.

  4. Wash the kidney beans and the peppers several times, remove the excess salt, and cut into pieces.

  5. Onion ginger is also cut into pieces

  6. Pour the oil into the pot, heat it, add the onion ginger and soaked the pepper, and scent

  7. Stir fry beef

  8. After the end of the beef is discolored, stir fry until the fried soup is fried.

  9. Put in sour beans and stir well

  10. Add a little soy sauce and sugar in turn, season it, stir fry evenly and serve.

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