Recipe: Beef vermicelli soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef vermicelli soup


It is very important for fans to choose. It is difficult to break, has toughness, and it is not good to eat.



  1. The water boiled and the pot was cooked too much. My fan is uniquely tough, so if the average fan gets out of the water, it will be cold and cool!

  2. The wok and the soup bowl are full of three points, the water is opened, the oil is drained, the sugar, the salt, the soy sauce, and the soy sauce are pumped. Finally, the fan beef is unified and the pot is unified. According to the personality of the fan, look at the cooking time!

  3. Try it with a chopstick, and if it breaks, it will prove that it is cooked. Sprinkle with cooked sesame chicken and serve it immediately! (If you like the spicy taste, you can decide to let go of the taste at this time. You are really hot and spicy!)

  4. Sprinkle with chopped green onion and parsley in the bowl! Eat it, this can be used as a dish, or as a staple food, really enjoyable!

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