Recipe: Beef vermicelli soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef vermicelli soup


Beef fans on the street stalls that I had eaten at school. All the pocket money at that time was contributed to the roadside booth. When you grow up, you want to eat a few bowls and make a few bowls! ! How much beef will be put in love! !



  1. Cut the beef into chunks and let it boil in cold water (1200 ml). Bloody

  2. Ginger slices, green onions, star anise, pepper, cooking wine, boil.

  3. Turn a small fire. Stew for 50 minutes

  4. Turn off the fire. Remove the star anise, ginger, and green onions. Add 2 tablespoons of salt and mix well. After cooling, enter the refrigerator for a night.

  5. The next day, the surface oil was removed. Boil again and remove the beef slices.

  6. Put in a soft boiled fan for a second, 2 minutes

  7. Fill the bowl. Pour smoked, curry powder, sesame oil, parsley, chopped green onion


The taste is light and self-adjusting.

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