Recipe: Beef veggies fried diced

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef veggies fried diced


Simple to get started, and not bad



  1. Sliced ​​ginger with chives cut into small pieces

  2. Add a little bit of raw pork to the smell of the pork. The amount is determined by the person. The louver is also cut into segments.

  3. Hot pot cold oil can be added to a little pepper pan, it does not matter. After adding the onion ginger, add the minced pork. Add a little soy sauce, add the pork to the top of the beef and stir fry.

  4. Add a little water during the stir fry and add the Chaotian pepper. The degree of spicyness is also determined by people. After adding salt, I know that it is cooked out.


The venetian blind is not suitable for frying for too long.

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