Recipe: Beef tongue three eat: Japanese beef tongue curry

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef tongue three eat: Japanese beef tongue curry


This curry was made in the base of the tongue of the whole beef tongue. I don't really like the smell of curry, especially the Indian curry. The only thing that can be accepted and eaten a lot is Japanese curry. The small square beef tongue is very soft in the curry. It is better than the beef. With your favorite vegetables, you can eat a large bowl of rice. Oh, please refer to the recipe of the beef tongue. Fangzi, here is the root part of the tongue that has been cooked and processed.



  1. The roots of the tongue are cut into small pieces, and the oyster mushrooms and peeled carrots and potatoes are also cut into pieces. The onion is peeled and cut into strips, the okra is washed with a little salt, and the head is peeled off.

  2. Heat the stockpot over high heat, pour the appropriate amount of oil, stir fry the beef tongue and onion, stir the carrots, potatoes and oyster mushrooms when the beef tongue is colored. Continue to stir fry, and each piece should be oiled.

  3. Pour hot water or hot broth, the water surface is slightly higher than the ingredients, turn to medium heat after boiling, cover the lid and cook until the carrots and potatoes are ripe.

  4. At the same time take a small pot, boil water, boil the okra, remove it, and cut it into sections.

  5. Go back to the stockpot, you can turn off the fire, put the curry block into the soup, and let the curry block dissolve completely in the soup and mix well.

  6. Re-ignite, a small fire, keep stirring the curry, add okra until the curry reaches your favorite consistency.

  7. Hot rice is served in a rice bowl and compacted in a plate. Pour the curry.


If you want to add green vegetables, such as okra and green pepper, to the curry, you can first boil them and add them before the soup is collected. This will not overcook and keep the bright green. The curry can be placed in a large spoon, melted with a mini egg beater or fork with hot soup, then poured into the soup and mixed well, so that there will be no blocky residue, the soup will be smoother. Curry must be kept stirring to prevent the paste pot, and the action should be gentle when stirring, to prevent the potatoes and carrots that have been boiled.

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