Recipe: Beef tongue three eat: burnt beef tongue

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef tongue three eat: burnt beef tongue


When a person eats, the favorite thing is that the food is a pot of food. For a while, he likes to make all kinds of Japanese-style rice bowls. What kind of burdock and parent-child babies have done it all over, it is easy to cook, and the rice can be cooked at the same time. Do a good job, save time and effort, white rice has become mellow because of the presence of soup, with some beautiful vegetables balanced nutrition, it is very satisfying to eat, but also can wash a few dishes less, the benefits are many . This is the last part of the beef tongue. In the middle section of the beef tongue, cut into a slightly thick piece to make the beef tongue and spread it on the rice. The rice has absorbed the soup, the grains are full, and the thick beef tongue is paired with sweet carrots and sticky okra, which makes it very layered. For the treatment of beef tongue, please refer to the recipe of the bad beef tongue, here is the middle section of the beef tongue that has been cooked and processed.



  1. The okra is washed with a little salt, and the head is scraped off and the top is cut. The carrots were peeled and cut into rectangular pieces. I pressed the shape of ginkgo leaves and maple leaves with a mold. Cut the tongue slightly thicker.

  2. Boil the water in a small pot, add a pinch of salt, add the sliced ​​carrot pieces and the whole okra, and boil it out and set aside.

  3. Pour the porphyrin in the small bowl, the appropriate amount of simmered sauce, light soy sauce / soy sauce, garlic and ginger, and mix evenly.

  4. Heat the pan, pour a little oil, add the cut beef tongue, and fry both sides with medium heat until the two sides are colored.

  5. Use kitchen paper to remove excess oil, pour in the sauce you just prepared, wrap each beef tongue in sauce, turn to low heat, cover the lid for two minutes, turn over the beef tongue, and then lick for two minutes. Make sure both sides are colored.

  6. Hot rice can be placed in a large bowl during the period. Take the beef tongue out on the rice and the vegetables on the other side. If the amount of the sauce is still relatively large, you can open the medium to slightly juice.

  7. Pour the broth on the beef tongue and sprinkle the fried white sesame seeds.


If you don't have a photo sauce, you can use braised juice instead of raw sauce or brown sugar. If the porphyrin is not available, it can be replaced with cooking wine. The porphyrin is sweet, and the teriyaki sauce and the braised sauce are also very sweet, so you need to pay attention to the amount, you can use the soy sauce to adjust the balance of salty and sweet. Okra is easy to cook, and it will be too soft when it is overheated. If the carrots are cut thicker, you can first remove the okra and let the carrots cook for a while.

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