Recipe: Beef tendon

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef tendon



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Beef tendon

    Beef tendon


First cut the beef tendon sirloin into pieces and drain it. The hot pot is sautéed with ginger and sautéed. Then the beef tendon is poured into the pot, the scent is scented, the water is added without burdock, and a small amount of peel is added. When the tendons are almost the same, add the sugar to the juice, and if you want more juice, you can add more in the step of adding water! After the beef tendon is good, it is ready for use! Pig intestine powder is beveled, and the cut surface is easy to taste! Put the cut pork intestines in the pan and steam them. Heat them in boiling water for two minutes, or put them in a microwave oven. After the pig's intestines are heated, add the amount of beef tendon to the pig's intestines. Remember. Add a little more juice! Then sprinkle with chopped green onion and add a little sesame oil. If you like, add some chili sauce! You can't eat the beef tendon, you can put it in the refrigerator after cooling, and you can just heat it when you want to eat it! If you like, you can also buy white radish and cut into pieces. Cook it first with water. When you almost, pour the beef tendon into it. You don't need to season it! This can be a good meal!

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