Recipe: Beef stir fry

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef stir fry


This is a home-cooked dish. I still use the cooked sirloin that I have cooked over the soup. I really love this kind of dish, because I can always eat it with a vegetarian meal. It feels good! And use it to finish the beef soup, fragrant, and then used to cook, it is very fragrant, great!



  1. After the cabbage is cleaned, cut into a proper size section; cooked sirloin is cut into pieces for use.

  2. Hot oil pan, ginger and garlic, and beef slices

  3. Pour into the heart and stir well

  4. When the heart is soft, you can add a little raw seasoning; add a little salt and season well.


It is best to soak the water for more than ten minutes to remove residual pesticides!

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