Recipe: Beef stewed sweet potato persimmon

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef stewed sweet potato persimmon


A bowl of hot stew in the fall



  1. Cut the sweet potato and cut it into a hob. The tomatoes are boiled with boiling water and peeled into pieces. The burdock is cut into cubes of about three centimeters.

  2. Put the water in the pot and put the ginger onion into the wok. Add in a spoonful of cooking wine. Add the burdock water.

  3. Add hot water to the pressure cooker. Put in the onion ginger section and stewed beef stuffing for 25 minutes. I really like the beef stew package I bought. The taste is just right. Remove the pressed beef and drain it. The beef soup is reserved.

  4. Put the amount of oil in the wok when cooking. Put a little ginger and sauté the sauté.

  5. Put half of the tomato pieces and stir fry with beef

  6. Stir-fry until the tomatoes are softened

  7. Add beef stew

  8. After the beef soup in the pot is boiled, add the sweet potato block. After the sweet potato is cooked, add the remaining tomato pieces and add salt to the seasoning.


The first half of the tomato is to dissolve the juice of the tomato into the broth, so that there is sour and sweetness of the tomato. After half, you can eat the whole piece of tomato.

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