Recipe: Beef stewed carrot

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef stewed carrot



  1. Carrots are cut into pieces, onions are cut into pieces, and the beef is cut into pieces and washed with water.

  2. Hot oil in the pot, when 60% hot, put the onion and scent

  3. Stir in beef and stir for one minute, pour in cooking wine, Thai sweet chili sauce

  4. Add boiling water without meat, and after the fire is boiled, change to low heat for 90 minutes.

  5. Add carrots, orange peel, add salt, sugar, chicken seasoning and burn until soft


1. The beef must be drowned before it is placed in the pot. This way, the soup or meat is very clean. 2, Thai sweet chili sauce is very refreshing, and not spicy, I bought a business trip in Xiamen Wal-Mart last year, with Lee Kum Kee's sweet and spicy sauce is also very good, large supermarkets for sale. 3, the process of stewing meat I used for 90 minutes, each pot and firepower are different, mastered. 4, do not like carrots can be replaced by potatoes, pumpkins and other vegetables.

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