Recipe: Beef stew - no oil and low fat

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef stew - no oil and low fat


When I was a child, my mother often used beef stew to eat, from snacks to big taste, which existed in the depths of memory. Later, when I lived, I learned this dish. I changed it according to my own taste. It is more delicious. Whether it is directly eating or adding potatoes, yam and other stews, it is very good. This dish requires a pressure cooker. This dish is oil-free and low-fat, very healthy!



  1. Cut the beef and beef tendon into small pieces, and wash the small pieces of mushrooms. Cut the onion and slice the ginger.

  2. Add pepper, pepper, star anise, cinnamon, onion, ginger. Then add a portion of sugar, two portions of salt, soy sauce and soy sauce.

  3. Put the beef and mushrooms in the pot and add the beer so that the beer just has no ingredients and stir well.

  4. According to the temper of the individual pressure cooker, the beef is soft and rotten, and the hooves are soft and slightly chewy.

  5. A beef that can't be eaten can be stewed with soup and a potato yam. What is delicious. It is also good to make beef noodles.


1. I use the burdock meat. The meat and the ribs are layered and stacked. It is delicious. 2. Beef tendons can be added or not, but beef tendons are more difficult to taste than beef. 3. Pepper can be added or not according to personal taste. 4. Do not add water. 5. According to personal taste, shiitake mushrooms are also delicious. It can be fresh mushrooms or dried mushrooms. But the stewed mushrooms are better than beef. 6. Soy sauce will add a lot of taste and it will be very bitter. If the cinnamon is added more, there may be a taste of Chinese medicine. 7. Everyone's pressure cooker temper is not the same, do not press too much at a time, if the salty taste is not enough, you can add salt to continue to press, if the pressure is too much, the beef tendon may have a fat taste.

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