Recipe: Beef sizzling

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef sizzling



  1. Wash the beef and fat meat separately and make them into the end.

  2. Peel the skin, wash it and cut it into fine grains.

  3. Parsley washed, minced spare

  4. Add beef, fat, glutinous rice, cilantro, seasoning, seasoning, and whipping to make the filling

  5. Flour and egg, water and simmer into a soft and moderate dough

  6. Divide the dough into 4 pieces, purlin, and the next dose.

  7. Take the agent and flatten it, and smash it one by one.

  8. Take a good dough and use a chopstick to evenly press out the 'tooth print' at the edge.

  9. Wrap the prepared filling into a green slab

  10. Put the water in the pot, add the siu mai, steam for about 10 minutes on the fire.


1. Beef is generally thinner, improper handling when filling will make the taste become old, it is recommended to add the right amount of pork fat. If you do not eat pork, add some vegetable oil when you add the filling. 2. Adding appropriate sputum can make the taste more rich, and the citrus is more faint and crispy. It can also be removed or replaced with celery grains according to your preference. 3. When preparing the meat stuffing, add an appropriate amount of water, and whet hard to the top. If you like the taste more than the tender juice, the amount of water can be slightly more. After mixing thoroughly, put it in the refrigerator and then wrap it. 4. When making the dough, it must be as thick as possible and thin around, but the whole skin should be slightly thinner than the dumpling skin. 5. The dough is pressed with chopsticks at the edges to increase the width and texture of the edges, so that the shape of the baked wheat will be particularly good.

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