Recipe: Beef rot

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef rot



  1. The dried yuba is soaked in soft water one day in advance to the soft, cut into pieces for use. Mushrooms are also blistered and cleaned for use.

  2. The tendon flying water (that is, the beef tendon in the cold water pot, wait for the water to roll off, continue to burn for 2 minutes, rinse the blood with cold water), drain.

  3. Another clean pot, add beef tendon and water just no beef tendon, add the amount of star anise, cinnamon, onion, ginger, and soy sauce. After the fire is boiled, turn to low heat and marinate until the beef tendon is smashed. . Ordinary pots last at least an hour.

  4. It should be noted here that the materials such as the octagonal cinnamon are too long, and there is a medicinal taste when the soup is used. Therefore, we need to remove all the seasoning materials in the middle. If possible, it is best to change the pot. Only transfer the tendon and soup water and continue to cook until the beef tendon is smashed.

  5. When the tendon can easily be pierced with chopsticks, add the soft yuba and mushrooms, continue to cook for 10 minutes, then turn to the fire and collect some soup.

  6. Finally, a little sesame oil can be sprinkled with chopped green onion or green pepper.

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