Recipe: Beef ribs two to eat (soup + braised)

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef ribs two to eat (soup + braised)


Imported beef on COFCO is quite affordable. I bought a beef rib from Uruguay. Love to drink soup, soup can not be salty, but the meat requires a taste. So I thought about this method. Get a pot of beef broth, and a large plate of braised beef ribs.



  1. After the ribs are frozen, the bones are cut into pieces. It is said that the beef ribs are so big that the meat pieces are naturally small. Soak in cold water for a few hours.

  2. Casserole sits half a pot of water, wine, ginger, fragrant leaves, star anise, orange peel, a little pumping. At the same time, another pot, cold-water steak, water sputum net floating foam. After the casserole water is opened, the meat pieces are transferred into the casserole. Stew for two hours on low heat.

  3. The stewed meat is naturally cooled. After a while, I spent the night, and I saw a layer of white oil on the soup. Take off the white oil. Clear soup Serve. In the morning, you can take some soup noodles.

  4. The meat is fished out, the wok is hot oil, and the sugar is fried in sugar. Add meat to color. Re-into the carrot pieces, onion pieces. After stir fry, add the right amount of beef broth, half of the meat, add soy sauce, salt, black pepper. Stew until the carrots are cooked, the soup is thick, add black pepper, stir fry.


I want to clear both the soup and the meat. It is an idea to cook it first.

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