Recipe: Beef ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef ribs


When the sole of the foot hurts, I suddenly think of the pig's foot and the tendon. Say to the pig, these things, make up the feet. I heard that if a child eats from an early age, he will have a good leg and a good thief when he grows up. He did not believe, and said, "You laughed and died, I figured it out." believe it or not. Anyway, I made a beef tender, which is really delicious.



  1. Cut the beef tendon, rinse it with water, and wash it.

  2. Slowly cook the saucepan, add soy sauce, cooking wine, rock sugar, star anise, onion knot, ginger, add water without beef tendon, open low heat, stew for a few hours, until the beef tendon is soft, remove the star anise, onion ginger, Slightly cool, put in a fresh box, and put it in the refrigerator

  3. After solidification, slice and pour in your favorite sauce (I usually use garlic or minced garlic, soy sauce, sugar, spicy oil, vinegar sauce)


It is best for the beef tendon to cut and let the store cut it. If you cut it, it is too tired.

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