Recipe: Beef pizza

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef pizza



  1. Cut the beef fillet into thin filaments, marinate with 4 tablespoons of big barbecue sauce and a little salad oil for about half an hour, and mix the vegetables into the boiling water pot.

  2. Put all the ingredients of the dough into the bread machine and mix well, then ferment to 2 times larger

  3. Remove the kneading, divide into 3 parts according to the size of the plate, brush the oil on the bottom of the plate, and put the dough into the size of the mold.

  4. Use a fork with a small hole on the dough to prevent it from bulging during the baking process.

  5. Brush a mixture of big barbecue sauce and ketchup and sprinkle some freshly ground black pepper

  6. Put on the mozzarella (this will be better according to the taste of each person, put more brushing effect), sprinkle with the vegetables, evenly put the marinated beef

  7. Into the preheated barbecue 200 degrees, the middle layer for 20 minutes, take out, then put a layer of mozzarella, sprinkle with pizza grass and freshly ground black pepper, and brush a layer on the edge of the pastry with a big barbecue sauce Continue to roast until the cheese melts (about 5 minutes)


1. This amount can be made into an 8-inch pizza, a 4-inch tray and a 3-inch tray. 2. The pre-watering of the mixed vegetable grains can prevent the water from the material from affecting the finished product during the baking process. 3, like the effect of drawing silk can sprinkle some mozzarella 4, beef beef portion, this is the most tender beef, marinated with barbecue sauce and a little salad oil, not only makes the beef taste more rich, but also the meat is very tender

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