Recipe: Beef patties

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef patties



  1. The practice of beef pie is minced with beef, seasoned with soy sauce, salt, pepper, raw flour, ginger, peanut oil; onion, cut into fine.

  2. Flour with hot water and evenly, 揉搓 3 ∼ 5 minutes, do not stick to the hand, then apply a little peanut oil, simmer and let stand for 10 ∼ 20 minutes.

  3. Divide the dough into small pieces, flatten it and roll it into a dough with a rolling pin.

  4. When mixing, first mix the beef stuffing, simmer 2.5 tablespoons, wrap it in the skin, and knead the pie.

  5. Heat the pan with a big fire, and then put the pie into the pan and bake it for a while. Pour the appropriate amount of peanut oil and fry it on both sides. The scent is four, and it can be served.

  6. Beef patties freshly baked

  7. Looking at it is very appetizing.

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