Recipe: Beef pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef pasta


The pasta may be the first Western food that many people try to do. Its simple and easy to do gives many food novices a great encouragement. When I look back, I feel a lot about it. It makes me understand how to make it The second mistake is to reflect on the dream', how to constantly summarize and improve in the seemingly simple repetition process, and really do a good job and do one thing well. Life is not the case.



  1. Boil half a pot of boiling water, add 15ml (one flat spoon) of olive oil, 3g salt, add pasta to cook for 6-8 minutes, remove, drain, add the right amount of olive oil and mix well.

  2. Put 15g of butter in the pan, add the butter to the minced garlic and scallion, add the marinated beef shreds (beef shredded, add some brandy, sugar, black pepper and marinate for 15 minutes). After the beef silk is discolored, add tomato diced and appropriate amount of water, salt and stir-fry for a while, then add cranberry, red pepper and small tomato petals (5 small tomatoes each cut into 8 petals), stir-fry, and finally put into use. Pasta slightly fried, turn off the fire after the taste

  3. Loading. Prepare a straw hat tray, first put the pasta in a dish with a western food clip, then put the assorted vegetables in the pot on the pasta, then sprinkle a little cheese powder and parsley, you can eat it.


This pasta is simple, but every time the ingredients are put into the heat of the stir-fry, it is the finishing touch. Just try to make the most delicious.

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