Recipe: Beef noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef noodles


I really like to eat noodles and rice noodles, especially in the summer. When I was alone in the family, I went back to yoga at noon, cooked a little noodles or rice noodles, passed cold water, and cut cucumber silk. Directly mixed with Lee Kum Kee's noodle sauce and then pour some vinegar is a meal, never tired of eating, but also feel that eating in the summer is very comfortable. However, Lao Li and Xiao Li can't be so sent at home, although it is also a face, but how to be like a point, or just give the sauce noodles, this housewife is too incompetent. In order to make them love to eat noodles, I sometimes buy a piece of beef back, use the pot to boil well, let it cool and put it in the refrigerator. When you want to eat noodles, take out a piece of frozen and cut into thin slices, add some vegetables and prepare yourself. The juices are all placed on the surface. When they are mixed, they have meat and vegetables, and they are refreshing and appetizing. They both like it. I also made another kind of beef noodles last summer. I can go and have a look.



  1. Sliced ​​beef, cucumber, tomato, shredded and small pieces

  2. Put the garlic into a bowl, add all the spices except salt and mix well (depending on the taste to decide whether to add additional salt), that is, the juice

  3. Cook the noodles, remove them, pass the cold water, drain, pick into the plate, put on the cucumber, Xihonghang block, beef slices, put a few tablespoons of juice on top, mix well when eating


1. Beef is prepared in advance or bought ready-made, so it is convenient to eat; 2. The juice can be increased or decreased according to your own taste. For example, you can put more spicy oil on your favorite food. You can put some vinegar on your acid. I personally think that these spices are a little bit mixed together. Eat, in addition, when you choose the seasoning juice, you must finally taste the salt according to the taste of the juice, because the soy sauce itself has a salty taste, and the person with a light mouth does not need to put another salt; 3. Face noodles, dry noodles or dried rice noodles can be used. It is best to dry the rice noodles with cold water in advance, so it is easier to cook. I used the Idulan ramen noodles this time.

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