Recipe: Beef kale stir fry

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef kale stir fry


This dish is famous for eating in the streets of Chaozhou. The so-called glutinous rice products are very popular in Chaoshan, Guangdong. The taste of the glutinous rice is very good. It can usually be mixed with different meats or vegetables. Now this is introduced. One is the most popular practice, that is, beef kale fried rice noodles, although now in a foreign land, every time you go to china town to buy food will buy the materials needed for this dish, go home and do your own work



  1. Wash the purchased beef first, use the kitchen paper to dry the water and cut the thin slices.

  2. Add the appropriate amount of salt, chicken essence, oil, potato flour and sand tea sauce in the bowl and marinate for one hour. Wash the kale at the same time, make the kale stalk thin, and cut the leaves to the same size.

  3. If you buy fresh scallions, you can directly fry the pan. If it is dry glutinous rice noodles, river flour or rice flour, you should first boil it with water and boil it, then fry it. The specific step is to put the hot oil on the bottom of the pan, put the chopped strips, stir fry, put the appropriate amount of soy sauce, so that the surface of the coffin is evenly colored, and then stir fry and then into the pan.

  4. Followed by beef, stir-fry the marinated beef until the 7/8 is ripe, put it back in the bowl, add the right amount of oil in the pot and stir the kale. If you don't like too greasy, you can put a little oil, etc. Add a small amount of water after the pot. After the kale is evenly heated, add the beef. The soup in the beef bowl will make the kale even more delicious. After continuing to stir fry, turn off the heat and pour the beef kale on the clams that have been put into the pan before. The article is complete.


Shacha sauce is one of the protagonists of this dish, not a small character that can be dispensable.

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