Recipe: Beef fried rice noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef fried rice noodles


This thing of the river powder is really able to take me down at any time, beef fried rice noodles (dry fried beef river) meet every bit, every bit will be light! Haha! For Mao, I don’t just call the fried Niuhe River, because I know that there is a long distance between the black and the black. I only dare to make a beef fried rice noodles, but still can satisfy my taste buds.



  1. Cut amaranth; dry pepper cut; ginger shredded; beef slices with soy sauce + starch marinated for 15 minutes

  2. Oil, oil temperature is 70% hot

  3. Saute ginger and dried chili

  4. Fried beef slices

  5. Under the river powder, fry until the river powder becomes soft

  6. Add the right amount of soy sauce

  7. Add the right amount of salt

  8. Add amaranth and bean sprouts, stir fry a few times to break the pot

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