Recipe: Beef fried kale

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef fried kale


Beef fried kale, is the best dish my dad fried, and my father's habit is to put some tomatoes and stir-fry, sour and sour. Dalian can rarely buy very good kale, Sam has a Guangdong vegetable brand is very good. It is very delicious to buy fried beef. Very classic Cantonese cuisine, have the opportunity to try everyone. Features: Beef is crisp and tender, and kale has a unique aroma.



  1. After the beef is cut, it is marinated with raw flour, oil and soy sauce. After washing the kale, drain the water and cut it for use. Sliced ​​garlic.

  2. Hot pot, pour a little oil, put the garlic into the incense. Then put the kale, stir fry the kale, put a little salt, and stir fry the pan.

  3. Put a little oil, heat the pot, then stir-fry the beef into a large area of ​​beef, add freshly fried kale and a spoonful of soy sauce to blend the taste of kale and beef. When the beef is completely discolored, add a little salt to make it pot.

  4. This dish is especially delicious, every time I can eat a lot better! Every time I eat, I remember the taste of my father.


The key to the delicious beef is 3 points. First, the beef should be cut against the grain and cut off the fiber of the beef, so that the beef is not old. The second is to use a small amount of oil, raw flour and raw pickled beef, and use oil to wrap the beef with raw powder to keep the beef's delicious gravy. The third is when the beef is fried, the fire is stir-fry, and the meat is old when it is small.

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