Recipe: Beef eye steamed egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef eye steamed egg



  1. Juice: two tablespoons of oyster sauce, a large spoon of soy sauce, a few drops of sesame oil, a spoonful of olive oil, the right amount of salt, a few spoonfuls of warm water and stir together

  2. Becker cleans the pot, add water (not too much, not over the shell), under the onion ginger and garlic, the middle and young people boiled to open the mouth, remove and use

  3. Eggs are scattered (packed with deeper containers), add appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence and mix well. Add a bowl of warm water and mix well. Add a bowl of warm water and mix well. Use a spoon to remove the bubbles.

  4. Boil the steamer, cover the egg or cover the plastic wrap, steam for 10 minutes in the medium and small fire to the egg 羹8 mature, insert the oxeye shell, steam for 5 minutes, pour the sauce and sprinkle with chopped green onion, open to eat!


Don't add too much salt to the egg, because you have to pour it later. The ratio of egg to water is 2:1. Two eggs plus one bowl of water, be sure to put warm water. Babe has been cooking for too long, just open it.

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