Recipe: Beef enoki mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef enoki mushroom


Fatty beef and Flammulina velutipes are perfect match, but the common method of the mushroom is to fry, but it is too hot now. I really don’t want to sweat in the kitchen. Let’s cook it hot. You can also make it by boiling. Delicious mushroom mushroom beef.



  1. The enoki mushroom is washed and removed from the roots, and the water is drained and placed on a plate.

  2. After the beef fillet is cooked, drain the water and place it on the mushroom.

  3. Put two tablespoons of soy sauce in the pot, a spoonful of sugar, a spoonful of cooking wine, a proper amount of white pepper, boil and pour on the fat cow.

  4. Caraway and small red rice peppers are cut into sections, shredded with green onions and ginger, placed on fat cows, and sprinkled with some white pepper.

  5. Pour oil and sesame oil into the pan, heat and pour over the dish.

  6. Mix well.


The taste of this dish is mainly based on the seasoning of the seasoning. It can be adjusted according to the amount of Flammulina velutipes and fat cattle. It is more delicious to put more flavor. Finally, the oil can be used to stimulate the taste of onion ginger pepper and coriander. The white pepper powder also stimulates the fragrance by oil.

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