Recipe: Beef celery dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef celery dumplings


Guangdong people pack very light northeast dumplings, no story, just want to make dumplings, when entangled with shrimp or beef, because shrimp is too expensive, choose beef, since you choose beef, you can buy some celery and stuffing.



  1. Pork, beef simmered into simmer, add a small amount of water and stir it clockwise until the water is completely integrated into the meat (I think the meat from the meat grinder is not good)

  2. Put the salt, raw powder, oil, soy sauce into the meat, stir well, add the green onion, ginger and mix well, put in the refrigerator

  3. Celery chopped, water control

  4. Flour + egg water and noodles, wake up for 30 minutes

  5. Pour the celery into the pork chop and mix well (the celery and the meat chops will come out together, so be sure to pack before you put it)

  6. Mink, bag, boil, eat


Egg water and noodles can increase the toughness of dumpling skin. It is not easy to break my family's diet. There is no sesame oil and cooking wine. If you have it, you can put a little bit and stuffing.

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