Recipe: Beef cabbage stewed noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef cabbage stewed noodles


I have seen pork stewed noodles. Have you heard of beef stewed noodles? Because in our small county, most of the beef is sold in half-boiled, and it is rarely bought, so it is difficult to make some dishes about "fat beef" or "steak". In this case, I like to buy burdock and burdock. In the winter, the season of Chinese cabbage has arrived, and I have a little bit of powder, a slight spicy feeling, and I eat it hot!



  1. Hot pot cold oil, add onion ginger and pepper to saute

  2. Burdock stir fry, add a little old, soy sauce can be more

  3. Add water to the burdock, add a little pepper, you can add a little cooking wine

  4. After the water is opened, simmer for half an hour.

  5. The cabbage and the leaves are cut off separately, first put into the cabbage to help the child, after the state of transparency, put the leaves

  6. If the water in the pot is not enough, you can add some more, but the cabbage is easy to get out of water. At this time, put pepper, salt, and sugar to taste.

  7. Put in the noodles, continue to stew for five minutes, the noodles are easy to absorb water, add water according to the situation!

  8. The vermicelli is transparent and turns off the fire. You can drop a few drops of vinegar, it will be very fragrant.


1. Can not eat spicy can not let go, you can eat spicy fierce! 2. The burdock is boiled in advance, so you can cook more and prevent it from getting worse. 3. The sugar can not be put down, because the cabbage has a little bit of sweetness.

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