Recipe: Beef broth noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef broth noodles


If the son does not eat, he will eat noodles. For the mother's heart, this gas does not hit a place, as a half-South boy, actually do not eat rice! Going out, don't eat, then eat noodles. How can I eat a small pot of soup? This bowl of beef soup and vegetable noodles, I feel that the fragrance can not stand, the son ate a large bowl. Ok, let's record the recipe.



  1. The burdock bovine bone cold water pot, rinsed and put it into the casserole, add ginger and green onion for use.

  2. After peeling and chopping a tomato, put a proper amount of oil in the pan and add the tomato diced to a paste.

  3. Pour the ketchup sauce from step 2 into the casserole with burdock and beef bones, add the right amount of water, and start the soup! I am an electric casserole, about 3-4 hours.

  4. Cut the carrots, chop the stewed beef, how much meat the baby can eat, how much meat you chop, take another pot, pour the beef soup, put in the carrots, beef and cook, put the chopped green onion before the pan The right amount of salt.

  5. Bring a pot of boiled noodles and vegetables.

  6. Pick up the noodle vegetables and put them in a bowl. The radish and beef broth cooked in a small pot can be eaten by pouring into the noodle bowl!

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