Recipe: Beef broth

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef broth


A roll of beef brought back to the old house a while ago has been frozen in the refrigerator. I planned to put it into a hot pot in the winter, but it was too much for the refrigerator. I opened it and added an octagonal anise to the stew. Put more water in the stew, so you can use beef soup to make noodle soup or soup powder. It is very good. I usually put the stewed beef and soup in a cool place and then pack it into several bags to freeze it. It’s convenient to have a bag of defrosted and add some water to the beef soup.



  1. Boil the water, add a little bit of hot water, remove the cold water and drain, pick it into the bowl.

  2. Wash vegetables and chopped shallots

  3. Pour the beef into the pot, add two or three spoonfuls of water to boil, add salt to adjust the taste, add the greens to the green and turn off the fire.

  4. Place the boiled greens, shallots, and marinated eggs in a bowl of soup powder and pour in beef and soup.


1. Beef can make more than one soup at a time to freeze it, so it will be convenient to eat; 2. Add a few spoonfuls of water to the beef soup when eating, so that the beef soup is not greasy. If you like heavy taste, you can use the original soup without adding water. 3. The river powder itself is cooked. It can be fished out in boiling water as long as it is scalded. Do not cook for too long to avoid losing the taste; 4. The marinated egg can be boiled with the marinade of the usual braised pork, and the marinade can be frozen and used repeatedly.

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