Recipe: Beef bone tomato soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef bone tomato soup


I want to drink soup and get myself! The supermarket saw fresh beef bones, the bone marrow was fat and discounted, and did not hesitate to buy, just recently, I was thinking about tomato and beef bone soup. Originally, I wanted to use a pressure cooker. Later, I felt that I was still working slowly, and the little fire blew out the taste. With chopped tomatoes, like the sweet and strong taste, and the bone marrow can not stand the loneliness floating to the noodle soup, full of collagen! ! !



  1. The supermarket asks someone to help open the bone stick, go home and put it in the water basin, soak it for three hours, and change the water every half hour until there is no blood. Cold water pot, a little wine, boil the simmer after the fire is boiled, and the soup will be clear several times.

  2. Use a special stew pot (I used a stainless steel pot casserole may be better) simmer for an hour on a small fire, remember to drop a few drops of vinegar to help dissolve the calcium into the soup. Then put the diced tomato and continue to sizzle for half an hour. Put salt and pepper in the pot! Is it super simple?


The bovine bone must be soaked in blood to make the soup clean! I think it would be more delicious to put in Rosemary Basil white wine. Finally, I found that only the ginger and garlic in the refrigerator were thrown in. Especially like the taste of beef and tomato mixed, great! Paste yourself with autumn.

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