Recipe: Beef bone soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef bone soup


I eat meat and drink soup. The price of beef has also risen. When I saw that there was a beef bone, I had a big beef bone with 5 pieces and 6 pieces, and the counter-offer was 5 pieces. Hey! Let the seller break into six small pieces, each time cooking two pieces, today is the last meal. There is no bit of meat, just a little soup, but there is a big piece of bone marrow in it is quite enjoyable, the soup is also very oily. It is not bad to use this soup in the ice cubes to make soup.



  1. Bovine bone and cold water boiled to remove foam

  2. Add onion ginger

  3. Turning a little fire for an afternoon, the soup has been cooked into milky white.

  4. Seasoning with salt before the fire

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