Recipe: Beef bone ramen

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef bone ramen



  1. The bovine bones are then rinsed with cold water and placed in a cold water pot.

  2. Cold water needs to be added in the middle, do not add water, then add onion and ginger and carrot segments, a little wine and vinegar, stew for 4 hours, even the noodle soup is good.

  3. Japanese ramen noodles are cooked and removed, soaked in cold water for later use.

  4. The bottom of the bowl is covered with green vegetables and chopped green onion, cooked beef slices or cooked beef tongue slices, and seasoned with soy sauce, salt, pepper, sugar and other seasonings.

  5. Put in the ramen noodles, pour the hot beef bone soup and carrot slices, mix well and serve.


Like the taste of thick white soup, you can add coconut milk or whipped cream to the soup. The taste is quite good~

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