Recipe: Beef bone radish soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef bone radish soup


Fill a full pot of water, pour in a variety of ingredients, boil over a small fire, listen to the buzzing sound of the grunt, feel very happy. I bought a beef soup bone on Zhengda Fresh Online, just like a pot of soup. Radish is used to suck the smell of cattle. After cooking, it is not eaten and discarded. There is almost no meat on the beef bones. The rest of the soup is placed in the refrigerator. When you cook the noodles and cook the porridge, you can use it as a soup. It is delicious and nutritious. My mother has a sense of accomplishment.



  1. The beef soup bone bought on the big fresh food online is quite clean, so I didn’t use water, wash it and stew it directly.

  2. In the cold water, add the beef soup bone, white radish slices, a few slices of ginger, knotted onions, boil over the fire, smash the floating foam, and slowly cook it on a small fire.

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