Recipe: Beef bone ginger soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef bone ginger soup


Drink ginger soup in the cold, warm heart and warm stomach.



  1. When you buy it, it is best to help people cut the beef bones for a while. If you can't do it, you can go home and cut it. You can put it in the pot.

  2. A pound of ginger is cut into large pieces.

  3. Cold water pot, boil and turn to medium heat, slow down for 4 hours. If you are afraid of ginger soup, you can take another 4 hours.


1. Be sure to put more ginger, otherwise the beef in the soup will be very heavy. 2. There will be some white things floating out in the soup. It is not fat is a good thing, it is the bone marrow inside the bone. 3. In the process of cooking, use a small spoon to remove oil.

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