Recipe: Beef bean curd brain

Home Cooking Recipe: Beef bean curd brain


Well, since I went to Tianjin aunt to eat such a tofu brain, I can’t stop it. This kind of tofu brain is not the same as the spicy food that Sichuan eats, but it is also quite delicious. This time I changed the pattern and made it better. Eat it! ! ! ! A person has done a pot, OTZ, recently lost weight, do not eat pork, replaced with beef, wow card ~ better bird! ~ Such a breakfast can be full of energy one day~喵~~~~



  1. The materials are all ready, the pan is hot, and the garlic sauce is scented.

  2. Stir-fry the beef into a pot, add some cooking wine, put a little salt

  3. Stir-fried mushrooms with fungus, add sugar, stir-fry, soy sauce, fuel consumption

  4. Then add water, some more than the ingredients

  5. When the water is open, put the tofu, then the raw powder is scattered with water, pour it in, and stir it with a shovel. Pay attention to it. - Otherwise, the tofu brain is rotten.

  6. After almost the water is opened, put the parsley in the pot and sprinkle some pepper.

  7. It’s not over yet. After the pot, add a little bit of sesame sauce and finally a little bit of chili oil. Vasese··I really don’t like to write recipes, so lazy--------...


The recipe is not well written - I don't know the welcome message -·-········It’s really delicious~~么······ Do not eat beef can be replaced with pork foam, as delicious, right, sugar must be put, taste oh ~ ~ because I like sugar -·-

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