Recipe: Beauty Yangwu Chicken Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Beauty Yangwu Chicken Soup


I heard that a woman who has passed the age of 25 has begun to go downhill. No one wants to let the glorious title of "Yellow Face" buckle on her head. Thousands of yuan of cosmetics on the face like a paste wall may not be effective, and it is also a small accident that is allergic. It takes the ancestors to leave us with a lasting and unchanging truth. Let's take action, and drink some beauty and beauty of the black-bone soup, all become beautiful.



  1. The black-bone chicken is smashed into small pieces and washed with water.

  2. Put red dates, lotus seeds, glutinous rice, hazelnuts, white lentils, red lentils, sassafras, and angelica in a bowl, soak in water for 5 minutes, rinse with water.

  3. White lentils and red lentils are not easy to rotten. You can soak them in cold water for one night in advance.

  4. Pour the black chicken into the pot, add enough water at a time, boil the fire, remove the floating foam, and clean it.

  5. Then pour all the ingredients and ginger, cover and simmer for 2 hours.

  6. After the hour, open the lid, transfer the salt, and cook for another 3 minutes.


1. Black-bone chicken is a good medicine for gynecology. It has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, warming the medium and nourishing blood. Women often eat black-bone chicken to nourish blood and nourish the skin. 2. Astragalus qi, Danggui blood and blood circulation, low blood pressure, often feel weak people have a tonic effect, these two things can be bought in Chinese medicine stores, the price is not expensive, some large supermarkets are buying dried fungus, dried mushrooms The place of the class can also be found. 3. It is best to use a casserole when cooking soup, but the induction cooker can't use the casserole, so I use a small stockpot. If you have the condition, it is recommended to use a casserole to cook the soup.

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