Recipe: Beauty slimming peach vinegar

Home Cooking Recipe: Beauty slimming peach vinegar


Take the peach back and wash it, drain, buy two bottles of glutinous rice and brew white vinegar, put the peach juice into the vinegar bottle, and seal the bottle. After two nights, the vinegar has become cute. There is red. The color is better than I thought. Peach blossoms can be dried, soaked in water, or you can make peach porridge, peach vinegar and peach wine. This time you first make peach vinegar. Peach blossom contains various nutrients. The substance can improve blood circulation, promote skin nutrition and oxygen supply, and moisturize the skin. A variety of vitamins and trace elements can prevent the deposition of melanin in the skin, effectively removing chloasma, freckles and dark spots. The vegetable protein in the peach flower and the amino acid in the free state are easily absorbed by the skin, and are effective for controlling dryness, roughness and wrinkles of the skin. It can be used for facial cleansing or oral administration. When washing your face, you can put a small spoon of peach vinegar into the washing water and wash your face with water. You can also take a teaspoon of peach vinegar in a cup of warm water every morning and evening. Take it or take it. Role, peach vinegar should have a weight-loss effect, can clear the intestines and eliminate fat. Shi Chuan Yang Guifei to lose weight with a single peach, the method is extremely simple. Chuan Peach Blossom 10 grams of soaked water, drinking from time to time, not only can lose weight, but also make the face white and rosy, can be described as two birds with one stone. The party has been included in the "After the Elbow" and "Dry Gold Essentials", all of which pointed out that it can "slim waist", indicating that this product has obvious weight loss effect. The reason why peach blossom can lose weight is because it has the effect of turbidity and turbidity, which makes it come out of the stool. Li Shizhen believes that "the discharge is declining, and the large intestine is very fast. It is used to cure the qi and suffocate the water and drink, and the size of the tape is closed, and it is harmless" ("Compendium of Materia Medica"). It can be seen that peach blossom has the effect of removing water and reducing weight and losing weight. Peach blossom is a good thing that can make a woman face like a peach



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    Clean and waterless glass bottle, a layer of rock sugar and a peach flower to the bottle mouth

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    Pour the vinegar brewed in pure grain into the mouth of the bottle, cover it,


The dried peach blossoms are put into white vinegar and sealed. Leave it for one month and shake it in a few days. After one month, the peach blossoms are filtered out, only the vinegar is used. The specific method of use is to pour a little bit of water in the water. 2 Peach vinegar and mineral water are mixed one by one. When the toner is used, 3 5 parts vinegar, one glycerin or 3 parts vinegar. , 2 parts water, one glycerin.搽 face, when the cream is used (very good drop! The skin is tender and smooth) 4 peach vinegar plus honey, warm water to reconcile. Take it before breakfast (women on earth know ~~ weight loss ~~)

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