Recipe: Beauty good mirrored egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Beauty good mirrored egg


Stewed eggs are a common dish, which is the taste of eating from small to large. But sometimes I heard the little friends admire that Xiaomei’s stewed egg is especially zun, and I still feel very happy. Although simple, you should write it as a novice recipe.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Egg break up

    Egg break up

  2. After adding cold water, mix well and use chopsticks to remove the foam.

  3. Add okra (may be omitted)

  4. Put on the plastic wrap and put it in the steamer

  5. Add 600g water to the main pot, set the time for 20 minutes, temperature veromoa, speed 1 (if the main pot is water, it can be reversed. If there are other ingredients in the main pot, the speed is reversed, small spoon, Or according to the ingredients in the main pot)

  6. Mix the small bowl of juice, soy sauce, sesame oil, oyster sauce, and serve on the stewed egg.

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